Migraine - a chronic neurological disease characterized by periodic severe headache. The distinguishing feature - is that most of the pain extends only on one half of the head.

Migraine is a very common problem. It is detected in 10% of people. Seizures may rarely occur - once a year, but the majority of patients they happen 1-2 times a week.
The most widespread type is migraine without aura. Approximately 3/4 of the people suffer from this type of migraine;

one out of ten suffers from migraine with aura. Much more rarely occurs alone aura without headache - “beheaded migraine.” There are other types of migraine, but they are rare.
The beautiful half of humanity more often suffers from bouts of severe headache. But a lot of men are faced with this problem.

Another name of migraine - a disease of aristocrats. It is believed that people, who are engaged in intellectual work, have the headaches more often.

It is proved that migraine is transmitted by inheritance. Genetic influence is particularly noticeable in migraine with aura. It is believed that if both parents had the attacks of migraine, the descendants have the risk of disease 60 - 90%. If mother had migraine attacks, the risk of the disease is 72%, if the father - 30%.

We can say that persons suffering from migraine, characterized by a particular sensitivity to distress: low stress resistance, susceptibility to anxiety and depressive reactions, behavioral, emotional lability. In combination with severe autonomic dysfunction, these patients can be considered as patients with psycho-vegetative

People, who suffer from this disease, should avoid psychological and physical strain. Constraining hostility and repressed anger leads to the emergence of an attack.

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​Causes of migraine.

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