Alternative methods of prevention and treatment of migraine.

Alternative methods of treatment and prevention of migraine can effectively help sick people in combination with the use of medicines, and without them.


This method consists in the introduction of metallic needles into specific points on the skin. With all the diseases on the body surface are formed sensitive points, which disappear when the illness

passes. This so-called acupuncture points. Although in such points at times can occur the pain, they are usually sensitive only when pressed.

Some acupuncture points are not sensitive, but an experienced doctor will determine them. The skin over these points is punctured with a thin needle, which

remains in the puncture site for several minutes and then is extracted. Nobody knows exactly how this method helps in the prevention of migraine attacks, but some people consider that acupuncture is a very effective method. During the attack, you can simply press on the sensitive points. This is called acupressure points.

The recommended course of acupuncture, specialist chooses individually, usually once or twice a week for several weeks, after which the procedure is carried out less often, only to maintain the effect.

Massage and Aromatherapy

The massage is very helpful. If massage is done regularly, it can substantially reduce headaches, particularly which associated with stress. Some believe that massage is particularly useful in combination with aromatic essential oils because essential oils help to solve some problems, such as bad sleep or axillary pain.

Consultations of psychotherapist

Everyone has problems, but not everyone is able to cope with them independently. Consultations of psychotherapist will help you identify any stressful situation and find ways to solve problems. As migraine attacks can be caused by stress and anxiety, some patients consider that this kind of treatment is very successful and effective.

Medicines based on herbs and vitamin supplements

If you decide to take any herbal medicines, tell your doctor, to avoid any unwanted complications.

If you want to be treated by drugs based on herbs, you should consult a qualified practitioner. Although these drugs can be very effective, it is important to remember that “herbal” does not mean “completely safe” method. Many plants are very poisonous.
Alternative methods of prevention and treatment of migraine.

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